Greetings and welcome to Dead Guns Press.  We're a new E-zine dedicated to the stories written in this new era of Pulp.  What we mean by that is we like the stuff from the old Pulp era of the 1920's through the 1950's and a lot of great writers emerged from that era to claim giant literary status.  Think of Ray Bradbury, Philip Jose Farmer, Issac Asimov, Mickey Spillane and a wide array of other writers who started writing and publishing their stories during this era.  This era was also an exploration time in the areas of psychology, sex, violence and a host of other thoughts that, at the time, were deemed pretty racey or cutting edge.  Today, we're in the midst of change and as these literary giants pass on, there is a void that needs to be filled with new authors, new stories and new beginnings. Take a look around the site and check out the stories link below and catch some of the magic.   We like the Sci-Fi story, Hardboiled old time stuff, crime noir, horror and just about any unusual story in between.


With this said, reader beware.  Dead Guns Press publishs some of the best, cutting edge stories on the market and some of the material can be, as one friend told me, 'Spicey'.  So if you're easily offended, you might want to throw your Foriegn imported car in reverse and floor it on out of here.


***NEWS UPDATE 7/1/2014***

Finally nailed down 'Undead War: Tales of the Zombie Apocalypse'.  You can check out the book via Amazon.  Still looking for subs for the e-zine and we will be opening a submissions call soon for 'Hardboiled: Crime Scene' - stay tuned for details!


We also got a couple of fine gentlmen up for the task of being Editors/Proofreaders for Dead Guns Press.  With the large amount of subs for 'Showcase', we just had to add on an Editor, but we took on two instead.  Welcome aboard M. Leon Smith and Jay Jay Gutierrez! 


Even though we recieved well over a hundred 'likes' on Facebook (Thank You one and all!), we're working on adding a forum to the site to get the news and updates out there in some form of timely fashion.  We'll let you all know when its up and going.

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